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I’m a novelist who brings to light brilliant women’s courageous deeds in history.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to stories about strong women beating the odds. Women that stand up to corruption. Women that persevere in insisting their voice is heard. Women that live with purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.

I want to celebrate them.

I want to be like them.

For the characteristics that draw me to their stories—following one’s heart, opening to empathy, listening to underdogs, and relying on sisterhood—are themes that resonate with me. I believe they’re keys to how we progress as individuals and, together, as a society. I explore these themes in my writing.

But why historical accounts?

Well, first, I love to immerse myself in a good historical novel. But secondly, what I’m truly fascinated by is how the present is often a repeat of the past. Knowing this, I believe even bits of history can help us to navigate today’s issues, if we choose to learn from them.

How did I become a storyteller of women’s courageous deeds?

The seeds were planted in my former corporate life. Back in the day when I was a senior marketing executive, I managed brilliant teams that researched discrete groups of people. We dug into why Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials carry different worldviews. How differing values between women and men transfer into distinct decision-making styles. And how the history of one’s racial group lives on and affects the present. Throughout these studies, identifying the historical events that shaped group identities, and learning to see the world through others’ perspectives, was eye-popping.

I realized that there is so much more beyond the official historical record. So often, it simply regurgitates the status quo for that time, leaving out and even erasing voices outside the dominant group. Among these are stories of brave women’s actions.

I want to take a turn at bringing these courageous women’s deeds to light.

Come dig in with me?

P.S. A few professional details: I’m a former senior marketing executive and general partner of the financial powerhouse Edward Jones. The core driver of my 30+ year professional career, which began in corporate communications and ultimately led to market research, has been persuasive, insightful writing. Since leaving the corporate world, I’ve become a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Author’s Guild, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). In April 2020, I founded a Historical Fiction affinity group within WFWA that’s grown from a handful of people to well over one hundred authors. I am querying my debut novel now.

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I am a novelist who brings to light brilliant women’s courageous deeds in history. I love historical fiction, blogging about smart women who beat the odds, and publishing book reviews about amazing books from female authors you might have missed. Dig in!


Joan Fernandez

I am a novelist who brings to light brilliant women’s courageous deeds in history.

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